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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Recovery from Loss: Being Reminded to Trust the Universe

It has been a long time since I wrote in this blog. Since my last post much has happened bot good and bad.

I got married in May 2014 and have a very happy life with my husband 3 cats and mini schnauzer. I am grateful for my husband's love and support. I am not sure h
ow I would have gotten through the last 2 years without him.

We lost his father, my father, 2 of my best friends 1 of Jeff's good friends all of whom were in our wedding party and then some other friends and family as well. In total we lost 10 different people in the past 2 years and as hard as that has been we know we were brought together to help each other through the tough times.

Then last summer I started to have health issues that have taken a year to get sorted. There were times I wanted to give up and just stop but then I would get heart felt  messages from some wonderful clients as to how much the work I do has helped them in in their lives. These messages would arrive just when I needed them most and I know that the senders really had no idea how stressed I was. Each time this happened my energy was renewed and I was able to keep going.

Just as I was sorting out my health I was hit hard with all the losses we had gone through. I had not been able to work as much as I needed and now the bills were more than we could handle. Again I wanted to quit but then we were guided to a way of managing our finances. It has not been easy but we are learning to live within our means and without credit cards. It can be frustrating at times but in the long run we will be debt free and able to make a  fresh start without going through bankruptcy. Money is tight but I am reminded to trust the universe. I am finding ways to cut down our expenses and able to pay for the things we need with the money we make. When we need money work has come through and we are really blessed to see this happen each time we are in real need.

As much as the last two years have pushed my husband and myself to our limits we have become more in tune with the universe and thankful for the blessings that have come our way and continue to come to us as needed.  It is not always obvious but when we look back we do see the magic of how the universe works.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Why I Left East Hamilton Spiritual Church.

November 15, 2013: Update... seems there has been a change at East Hamilton Spiritual Church.... a new web site.... I guess the old web designer and his mother are likely out of the church but I am sure all the other issues mentioned below are sadly alive and well... Change is a slow process it seems.

It has come to my attention that over a year after leaving East Hamilton Spiritual Church that I am being bad mouthed by some executive members on the church board. Up until now I have basically said nothing unless it came to my attention through others that I was still being talked about. Since some people cannot seem to tell the truth or not say anything at all I feel I must post the following letters so that people can know what I went through in the two months I was involved with East Hamilton Spiritual Church from March to May 2012 when I first moved to Hamilton.

It is also important to note that before that move in 2012 I was living and working in Toronto and moved to Hamilton with the intention of making the East Hamilton Spiritual Church my home church. In September 2011 I was added to a Facebook group East Hamilton Spiritual Church What's Going On? and defended the church because I was dragged into drama where 19 people were banned form East Hamilton Spiritual Church for reasons I never did quite understand. What I saw was people making accusations but I did not see actual concrete proof for. Most of what I saw was ex members accusing the board of fraud and to me without proof that is a very serious accusation.

That said, when I came to the church I discovered that the Vice President of the board (Kathleen (Kathy) Barnard)  was the worst gossip monger and took delight in targeting people whom she did not like or who challenged her authority and security in some way. Making fun of how people dressed on Sundays for church or spreading rumours about some people's sexual orientations and living arrangements are just two examples of the regular goings on at East Hamilton Spiritual Church that I personally witnessed. I also experienced subtle racism from the same woman who made a disparaging comment about one of the students who came to a mediumship  class I was teaching one Thursday night. He happened to be a young black guy in his early 30s who is into the rap scene as he is a DJ. She assumed "he is going to cause trouble" but I explained to the Vice President he was client and a student of mine for several years. So when she said to me "Oh no he is going to cause trouble" I was shocked and offend. I made it clear to her that I knew this man personally and that he was one of the nicest people I have ever met.  She was (from what I can tell) embarrassed and uncomfortable having been caught making such an assumption about someone.

The tipping point though for me through, was when I found out, through Facebook that the web designer for the church website who was a healer in the church was posting Nazi slogans on his personal webpage extolling the virtues of "exterminating the 'lesser desireables' in society who were fit to survive the struggle of society". And his target seemed to be people with Downs Syndrome.  I saw posts making fun of these people's intellectual impairment. As recall, the photo had the picture of a pre-teen girl with Downs Syndrome and the caption was "I can count to potato". The most disgusting thing of all this is that his mother (also a member of the board at East Hamilton Spiritual Church) was liking these prejudicial abusive posts.   After trying to talk to the young man about this behaviour and being told to "fuck off", I brought it to the attention of Vice President of  the board at East Hamilton Spiritual Church as was advised that "he is just a 19 year old fuck up who is trying to find himself".

This is when I knew that East Hamilton Spiritual Church was not "a safe haven for all who enter" especially not those with intellectual, or physical disabilities or who are not white. As a woman with Cerebral Palsy, who has over come such prejudice,  I did try to have the web designer and his mother removed from their positions at the church  and instead it was me that was banned for voicing my improperly addressed concerns on Facebook when I realize the church board was not going to do anything about it. I feel most sorry for the general congregation and the newly appointed board members who had nothing to do with this nonsense but are in the middle of it nonetheless.

The following letters represent the full exchange that Reverend Leonard (Len) Spicer and I had about the situation. It seems if you are good friends of the Reverend (as the web designer, his mother, and Kathleen (Kathy) Barnard  are) than any behaviour is acceptable.  It is also interesting to note that the web designer, his mother and the Reverend are not even residents of Hamilton. How is it they got so involved in controlling a Hamilton based church in the first place? That may never be clear but the letters are very clear for sure.


From the Desk of Rev. L.P. Spicer

President of East Hamilton Spiritual Church

May 25, 2012

Dear Catherine MacDonald,

On behalf of the officers and congregation, I wish to thank you for your service, which included emergency requests.

However, I have noticed some very distasteful acts of your conduct, which I find unacceptable. As a servant of this Church when you serve, you become a leader and your demeanour at all times must demonstrate social qualities, that encourages all who attend the Church to feel at east and at peace.

Your conduct over the pages of Facebook on the net is degrading from a worker who serves the congregation of East Hamilton Spiritual Church. Your actions and opinions have been humiliating, embarrassing, and offensive, especially in area’s that do not concern you.

Your treatment of the teenager Thomas Needle requires your apology. You accepted an invitation to join a private page on Facebook and in your gauche manner you turn this private page into a public gossip column (I printed the subject matter off) to maintain the Churches image, I have punished Thomas. You also have sent slanderous comments to Thomas’s mother.

For this reason you will no longer be considered to server in any capacity this Church. Your membership of this Church as of this date is withdrawn also your requirements to serve on June 9th 2012 as a reader are no longer needed.
Without prejudice

Reverend L.P. Spicer


From: Catherine MacDonald []
Sent: May-28-12 4:50 AM
To: ''
Subject: RE: Letter
Hello Reverend Spicer:

I have received your letter and can say that we are in agreement on only two matters and I am quite relieved that I am no longer a member of East Hamilton Spiritual Church and will no longer be required to serve.

As to the other parts of the letter I will simply say that I asked spirit to show me what I needed to see as I had requested them to and I am grateful for that.
Now let’s get the facts straight.

1. Thomas Needle is not a teenager by law he is considered an adult as it is my understanding that he is 19 years of age. He posted disparaging hate speech about people with down syndrome and had Hitler quotes on his page also that encouraged the extermination of undesirables who were not fit to survive the struggle in society. I did try to talk to him about the negativity of this kind of thing and was rudely rebuffed. I brought the situation to the Vice President of the board’s attention and it was blown off as “he’s just a 19 year old fuck up trying to find himself”. Is the an example of not being gauche? I just want to be clear on where you draw the line on what is gauche and what is not.

2. Thomas’ mother is a member of the board and she was the one who came after me threatening me that I needed “to watch what I said about Thomas as I had no idea what his intention was by sharing the posts he did on Facebook”. Was that a threat? I do not have to figure out his intentions and the fact that his mother also liked the posts he shared also puts in question her judgement. If I embarrassed and humiliated her then perhaps public shaming was necessary given the circumstances. I did not slander her. I challenged her distorted logic in her feeble attempts to defend and justify and defend her son’s behaviour and asked her directly if she shared her son’s views. I did not accuse her I simply pointed out how twisted her line of thought was and perhaps that is a good thing in the long run as it is Thomas who embarrassed and humiliated his mother by showing the lack of parental guidance that is obviously going on. She added me as a friend and comes after me on my wall and if it is bad conduct for me to embarrass her then I should think she would also be dealt with in the same manner as Thomas and myself for bad Facebook behaviour. Yet I am more than willing to bet that she is still a member of the board and that her membership in the church and her son’s membership were never actually in question because they are personal friends of yours. It is so nice to see that the rules are so evenly and ethically applied in all situations.

3. I have personally heard the Vice President of the same board gossip to me about people in the church that she does not like and systematically target them so they stop attending. I guess making fun of how someone dresses on Sunday or sings hymns and making fun of people you do not like by making up nasty nicknames for them is an example of acceptable leadership behaviour at East Hamilton Spiritual Church? Just want to be crystal clear what the expectations are here.

4. I heard this same member of the board tell me things that were “board business” when other board members would have been admonished for doing so. It seems she does this if it suits her purpose of belittling others and causing drama in the church to get her own way. Again we can see the value of applying the rules in a fair and balanced manner.

5. The vice president of the board was also so rude to me on the last occasion I was there because I was questioning things that are going on in the church and yes did so publicly as this nonsense was brought to my attention on Facebook and I refused just to let it be shoved under the rug. Is that becoming behaviour for a person in her position? If so I am in the wrong church.

Are these the examples of “a leader and [with a] demeanour at all times must demonstrate social qualities, that encourages all who attend the Church to feel at [ease] and at peace”? Is this what makes East Hamilton a “safe haven for all that enter”? I can say I think not.

You say I should apologize to Thomas and that these issues do not concern me but that Reverend Spicer is where you are absolutely wrong. Thomas is an adult and should know better and his mother should have parented him better no doubt. What is happening in the church is wrong. While there is not much I can do about it in real terms, I do have the right to ask the tough questions and make a decision if this organization is the right one for me to attach my name to. I think we all know the conclusion I came to. To that end revoking my membership and not asking me to serve will have little impact on my life except to reduce the huge amount of stress I had been dealing with since I got involved with the church last September due to the other Facebook group where I defended the church and its board. I do wonder if I defended the wrong people but no matter what that group was doing to the board by libeling the members on Facebook with no proof was wrong and so I spoke up. I am not sorry to do that then and now as it was the ethically right thing to do then and I would do it again if the situation arose. Now I see things that are wrong here within the church and I am calling them out. You and the board can ignore them and sweep them under the rug but that does not change the distorted culture that has taken hold in East Hamilton Spiritual Church. Spirit knows what is true and right and what is not and each of us has to live with our own consciences. I am not sorry for what has happened here as I now have a clear understanding of East Hamilton Spiritual Church specifically and Spiritualism in general and I can tell you that I do not like what I see. I am thankful not to have my name mixed up with the church any longer.
On a personal note, moving to Hamilton was for me about recovering my health and I thought the church was part of that but now I can see I am better off without it. It is obvious to me that the energy of this church and your involvement in Spiritualism has cost you our health and I do have to wonder if any church or Spiritualism itself is worth that kind of stress. If this kind of negativity is what is created in Spiritualism and the churches and this what it does to good mediums and ministers who are respected people in the community then I can say I am glad to be as far out of it as possible. I do know as a younger medium that I will take this as a profound lesson of where I do not want my future to be and I sincerely thank you for that lesson as it surely will prolong my life and allow it to be much more peaceful.

Catherine MacDonald

It is sad to see what happens when a few people have too much control of the decision making power and the outcomes that will undoubtedly have an impact on East Hamilton Spiritual Church for a long time into the future.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Competition or Co-operation: Which Energy Brings Business Success?

Over the holidays, I was going through my groups on a site called This site has been great! I have met so many wonderful people I now consider friends and business associates that I would never have had the chance to meet otherwise. That said I had applied to join one business group. I should have looked at the page more carefully and realized that the page was private and locked up tight as a drum. If I had paid attention to these details, I would have realized that this site was not for me and I would not have bothered to apply.

Anyway, almost 3 weeks later I receive a rather terse reply from the organizer. I was told that they only accept one person from each business industry. Now I am sure they have good reason for this but it hardly seems sensible not to want to connect to other people in your field.

As I said, in my reply to the organizer, some of the best business contacts and opportunities I have made are with other psychics and intuitive workers. I did say that the approach the group had towards business networking was VERY limiting and that I am quite happy to move on to more progressive networking groups.

As I began working through my day (on my so-called day off) I got to thinking. What is it with people who are afraid to connect with and work with others in their own industries? Seems to me, in the psychic industry anyway, there is a real fear of competition and because of that fear many professionals in this field do not work well with others whom they see as a personal threat to their business.

Me on the other hand, I figure that each of us will draw to us the clients we are meant to serve. There is no way I can read everyone in my community who would like to have a reading. I figure there are enough clients to go around and if we are ethical and honest in our work we will do well in the psychic industry. I do not worry about what my "competition" is doing. I just focus on what I do well. This does not mean that I am not aware of the other mediums and psychics in my field. In fact, many of my clients will talk about their past experiences with other psychics and will ask me if I know them. Most of the time, I can say I do not know them and later I might Google them to see who they are and what they are about.

I like to know what others are doing. I know that I am good at what I do but I also know that there is always room to learn from others. With this in mind I try to stay centred in the energy of co-operation rather than the energy of competition.

The energy of co-operation is positive and love or respect based. It works from the assumption that we can co-create great business opportunities together and that this will lead to a win-win situation for all involved. It takes the pressure off as you focus on what you do well and what brings you satisfaction as an intuitive worker.

Completion energy on the other hand, is totally fear based and negative. It is rooted in a poverty consciousness and presupposes that there are not enough resources (in this case clients) to go around. Psychics who focus on this energy find they are stressed all the time and surely this stress must impact their readings. I do know people can sense stress and fear and clients with even a little bit of intuitive ability will pick up on it and will choose to take their business elsewhere.

The same can be said of any industry or in any social situation. The more we allow fear-based thinking to take hold the less we manifest what we really want. To that end be mindful that in whatever social or business situation you find yourself, cooperative energy will always bring better results that competitive energy. My only question is: How long will it take people to learn this?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 NOT The End of The World

With the beginning of 2012 now here. Many of my clients are asking me what I think about 2012. Will it be the end of the world or what?
I used to be bothered by the question but over time I have come to realize that people are genuinely scared and confused about all the hype they are reading online and seeing in the news.

As I consider 2012 as a medium and psychic I have to say that I am quite sure that it is NOT the end of the world. Rather it is an end of an era of energy. It is a time when those that are intuitive will find that they are having more intense experiences and even those people who do not tend to feel they are sensitive are also having odd experiences. In this way 2012 is an awakening and it is up to us how we handle it.

Imagine what we can create around us if we focus on the positive and realize that 2012 is about an energy change and not the end of the world as we know it.

I have the sense that it is going to be a change year for myself and many other people but remember that change is a good thing. While we may not always want change we need it to grow and learn.

Some of us look forward to change and are trying to make changes in our lives. If you are one of these people, how do you plan to use 2012 energy to create the changes you want?

Monday, October 05, 2009

Fan Page for Psychic Street Smarts...

Psychic Street Smarts is a TV/Radio show that I host. It airs Wednesdays from 7 to 8 pm Eastern time on .

If that is out of your timezone you can catch the show in podcasts at Psychic Street Smarts at BlipTV

The show is an interview/ talk show where I enjoy the company of various creative, spiritual thinkers, practitioners, product producers, writers, artists and musicians.

Do you have a book or other product/service that people should know about? If so come join the Psychic Street Smarts Fan Page on Facebook and let me know why you should be on the show!

Do You like Spiritual Discussions?

I have been playing on Facebook and in my travels I discovered how to build a fan site! If you like interesting discussions please come and join the group. It is small but growing.

Come share your favorite spiritual sites, books, music and whatever else you think might be useful to others who are on the spiritual path.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Career Intuitive Sue Frederick on Her Book "I Can See Your Dream Job"

Career Intuitive Sue Frederick talks with Catherine MacDonald about her book "I Can See Your Dream Job: A Career Intuitive Shows You How to Discover What You Were Put On Earth to Do" Discover a different way to think about career transitions and find out how Numerology and your Astrological Sun Sign can help you make the most of this life shift! To find out more about Sue Frederick and her book check out

To view all available segments of the show go to "Psychic Street Smarts".

Do you believe in spirit contact with aliens through channeling?

When someone says they are spiritual or they are in spiritual work do you have higher expectations of them than you do of others around you?